I have never crocheted onto a towel before. I’ve seen the towels with the crochet toppers but never made any…until now.

A friend asked if I could make some similar to the old and fraying one she had. It looked easy enough. I thought of going to look on Ravelry for a pattern, but in the end I managed without. I did see some of the towels at the farmers and crafters market last Sunday, though, and knew that the woman there used a thin steel crochet hook to work the first row. She also used the whole towel, folding it in half first.

So, I had two options – cut each towel in half, then machine sew a hem; or use a folded towel for a double layer. I did the latter.

The towels had a waffle weave, and the grid pattern was useful when doing that first row, as it kept my stitches more even. I then alternated plain and decreasing rows until I had 9 stitches, made 13 rows straight, made a buttonhole and a couple more rows, and I was done.

These look like quick projects but each one probably took me an hour, and my hands are stiff now. However I’m pleased with them, especially as this is my first time at making them.







Another early start tomorrow, so that means an early night tonight.

Happy crocheting!


So far, I am following the pattern as written. The yoke is done and I’ve completed about an inch of the body tonight.

The house is so much cooler tonight. We had a very impressive thunderstorm today. It hit at around 3.20pm as we were driving home from a hike. It was just me and the two boys, and the weather held out beautifully until after we’d hiked through a local park, following the creek upstream, rock-hopping in places, and admiring the waterfalls.

The lightning was awesome as we drove home, then big fat raindrops started to fall, and then it was a torrent, flooding the road, limiting visibility. Headlights were on, wipers on maximum speed, and thankfully everyone drove sensibly and we arrived home safely.

It’s been raining on and off ever since, and I’m sure our garden is just drinking up all this moisture with oodles of gratitude. The large forest fire that has been burning in our neighbourhood for a week must surely be out now. Hopefully the lightning didn’t start any new fires.

Well, I think I shall have an earlier night tonight. I have finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s latest offering, Written in my own Heart’s Blood, so really there’s nothing to stay up late for!

I’m loving knitting this sweater. It’s mindless and mindful at the same time. The yarn (Willow Wash – a worsted weight acrylic) is soft and pretty.

There’s no rush to finish it so I pick it up for a little while each day, after most of my chores are done (because they are never all done so I can’t wait until then).

The back measures 6 inches so far, and the front two inches. My row gauge is not the same as the pattern, so when I have finished the requisite number of rows for the yoke I’ll try it on and probably do a few more. That’s the beauty of top-down construction.

In other news, we have been breathing smoke this week. The Okanagan gets very dry and hot in summer, with numerous fires, some of which are caused by lightning but more are caused by human carelessness. A discarded cigarette butt, a campfire that was not put out, or that shouldn’t have been lit in the first place.

There’s a big one near us right now, over 200 hectares, and it blotted out the sun and turned everything orange yesterday. Many people have been evacuated from their homes, and water bombers have been flying around in circles this morning, dumping water on the flames and trying to get things under control. I haven’t checked the news – I don’t feel threatened by it, being across a major highway from the fire.

The forecast is for cooler temperatures for a few days. Today my window thermometer shows 29 Celsius and I’m hoping that’s as hot as it’s going to get.

This morning was blissfully cool, with a bit of a breeze moving through the house. But by the time I had mowed the lawn (weeds and crispy patches) I was dripping and had to have a second shower.

Hopefully, dear readers, you are all safe and well, and knitting or crocheting happily.


I have started a simple sweater, the pattern for which I found on Ravelry, of course (link above).


It’s knitted (I have to confess it feels lovely after all that crochet).

The math is all done.

It’s plain stockinette and ribbing.

It’s for me!

I don’t feel like making anything new for the next market day, and I had a knitting drop-in to go to at the library today, so I took this project with me. I’m using Willow Wash in Aruba Blue, which I suppose is a deep turquoise, brighter than teal. And the softness! It feels so nice in my hands.

And starting it now means it will be ready to wear when the weather gets cold again.

Yup, getting up at 5.30am certainly goes against the grain! It could be worse, though – if it was dark and cold, it would be a lot harder.

As it was, I woke often during the night. It was hot, not the slightest hint of a draught coming in the window, and I left the blinds open so the moonlight kept waking me. That’s the sort of thing I can do when Tai Chi Man isn’t here. When he works out of town, which happens only rarely these days, I get to read in bed of an evening, have the blinds up, and the door open. I warned my son to be quiet as a mouse so he wouldn’t disturb me, and in fact I fell asleep quickly and didn’t notice him moving around.

There is an advantage to having fuzzy hearing. Once I take my hearing aids out and put one ear on the pillow, I don’t get disturbed by much. Tai Chi Man, on the other hand, gets bothered by the crickets, the kids brushing their teeth, a pin dropping at 500 metres – you know the thing!

So it was my third morning at the Farmers Market and I have to say that I am having to remember my humility and lack of attachment to outcomes. Because I didn’t earn one single cent. And I paid $20 for the stall. However there is a lot to be said for exposure and being a regular, because people know they can come back, and hopefully when they do that they will buy something, or recommend a friend. 

I had a prize draw bucket today. Having people who were sort of interested come and put their name and phone number on a draw slip got them up to my table. And I said that if they saw something specific they’d like to win, they should write it down too. That meant they actually had to take time to look at what I was selling. 

You always have someone ask you at the end of the morning whether you had a good day. What they mean, as far as I can tell, is, “Did you make any money?” When the woman in the next stall asked me the good day question, I said No, then corrected myself. I told her that, yes, I had indeed had a good day, but hadn’t made any money. Because I enjoyed myself (despite the heat) meeting people and crocheting a couple of baby hats just for fun.

The photos are on my iPad so I will add them later. 

Once I’d packed up my stuff at 1pm, I was intensely hot and sweaty. The library was right there, so I dropped my books in and sat there for a bit, cooling off and relaxing. Then I bought groceries, and finally, once home, was able to hydrate, shower and eat. I really needed all three, badly!

Ds2 and I ate a mountain of organic blue tortilla chips with cheddar Daiya (nachos), plus black beans and salsa. I was ravenous. Dessert was fresh blueberries. 

And now it’s after 10, the windows upstairs are once again open and I have the large fan blowing air through in the hope it’ll be reasonably comfortable to sleep tonight. I can bear 30-plus degrees better if the nights are cool. 

So now the only WIP on my Ravelry project page is the mitred square vest I was possibly going to knit with all that Marks and Kattens Carolina. And with plenty of inventory and none going out today, I don’t feel obliged to make more. No pressure!

Have a great weekend!


ETA: photos

I just realised I didn’t show you these…







It took a long while getting there (I started this on April 29th) but it is done. I am planning to wear it to the Farmers Market tomorrow morning – it seems rather appropriate to wear something I’ve made, after all, while selling other stuff that I’ve also made.

I’m sure it will look even better when I have a decent bra on, in addition to the cami! And the lacing up the sides is adjustable, depending on how tight or loose I want it.

Blocking doesn’t take long when the temperature reaches 34 degrees. And the forecast is for it to get even hotter.




I enjoyed my swim at the beach with a friend this afternoon, and really that’s the only place I want to be when it’s over 30 degrees Celsius. We don’t have air conditioning, but the UV film we had installed a few years ago really does help to keep it cooler inside the house, and right now I have a large fan pointed at me and I’m very comfortable.

Is it hot where you are? What are you making?


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